So on Sunday night an event occurred in the Alpha:


What started off as a philanthropic endeavour by one CMDR in helping their fellow pilots get on in the world seemed to get turned into a lag fest, cannister spamming, world halting Cargogeddon!

At first said CMDR would drop off high value cargo cannisters around a space station turned for minos like myself to pick up and get some creds. This idea was then taken and ran with by as yet unknown CMDR(S) who were dropping (or crashing fully laden Lakons) around other space stations.

I arrived at Beagle 2 landing to see what seemed like hundreds of cannisters (I’ll upload a video later). As I was fully loaded I carried on to dock. By this time my usual rock solid 60FPS with a GTX760 was varying widly, some times as low as a few FPS’.

After attempting to dock for about 10mins I logged, it was late and I was tired.

Only now am I catching up on the ED Alpha forums to see what a sh*t storm was created. Yes this was a pain for all those affected, however this was a very valid test irrespective of the CMDR’s motivations. I predict that some new game play elements will need to be changed or created to deal with this in the future. Some suggestions:

  • Cannister auto destruct
  • All cannisters in no fire zone are destroyed by station defences
  • all similar types of cargo ‘wrapped’ up in to singular large cannisters up to 100t
  • legal sanctions to jettisonee

It’s moments like this that makes me enjoy even more the Alpha process (that’s not to say a fair amount of frustration! :))


Seems one of 4.02 patch’s fixes is to limit the number of cannisters. Whether that’s a temp or permenant fix I don’t know.

Also here’s my video of the start of Cargogeddon!


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