Crowd Funding

Yes I am a backer of both Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous!

Gamers I think over all like the idea, whether it’s because they feel it’s ‘sticking it to the man’ by bypassing the big developers or whether it gives then a more direct and personal connection with the developers, for good or bad. Gamers some times forget (I know I do) that this isn’t an investment; to own, whether emotionally or financially, part of that project. It’s more of a gift to a project you want to see become real, what ever the project owners offer in the way of ‘perks’ is a thank you, no more, no less, though I’m sure there are exceptions (grey Star Citizen Market anyone?)

Though it has had it’s controversies!

It’s an interesting model, both companies behind them have done it slightly differently. Star Citizen has been running a fantastic campaign that doesn’t seem to stop or slow down. In fact they’re funded completely by their backers, and what an amount! Elite Dangerous had a more low key affair and have used their successful Kickstarter campaign to go back the the more traditional financial markets for more funding.

Both companies have been able to avoid the Publishers so far.

This is a massive topic and loads of projects out there, but I have limited time and interests, space games being one of them, so these two are plenty for me. In fact I feel I’ve been spoilt!

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