Mini Exploration

I had a go at exploration last night, picking a point of interest (POI) and cruising in EliteDangerous_asteroid_approachto have a look. I chose to fly around some of the rings of a planet which was fun.






When I arrived though there were quite a few ships about, mostly Cobras so as I wanted a quiet night I engaged silent running and tried to hide behind an asteroid to eventually sneak away.


Trouble was that the tumbling asteroid I chose to try to hide behind was  asymmetrical so an outcrop smashed in to my shield-less ship and BOOM!




Once I claimed on insurance, as I’d upgraded to a second pulse laser, I decided to investigate an unidentified signal source near Asellus Primus B, 0.14t years away from the local station. So firing up super cruise off I set.


It took me just under 1hr 30mins to arrive at my destination using super cruise and reaching speeds of up to 2000c! This is within the same star system!

There’s no doubt that Frontier have nailed it when it comes to  realising the sense of scale of the universe and we’ve only got 5 systems to play around with!!! David Braben in his recent YouTube dev diary explains this feeling so much better than I can.

I have to say I was rather excited to find out exactly what was out there, unfortunately it was a bit of an anti climax which I suspect is due to the limited number of scenarios available in the Alpha.

So What did I discover?

Well apart from the gorgeous starEliteDangerous_asellus_primus_B:







It was only a lonely navigation beacon:


Oh well, I guess that’s the life of an explorer, you never know what you may find, it maybe interesting, rare, valuable, monotonous, flotsam, jetsam or just plain junk!







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