Arena Commander update incoming?

I’ve been reading some of the SC forums and it seems that the lack of 6DOF wasn’t due to the key mappings on my HOTAS but it is missing from AC completely!

From what I can gather CR and CI have been listening to the feed back and an update to the flight model will be coming soon (will update this post with a link showing this, bit of hearsay only atm) adding this in. That will make a massive improvement to the feel, especially the decoupled mode.

I’ve found a great SC citizen blog about AC and it’s flight models here. He’s written a fantastic post detailing all the different modes and default key mappings to do this here. A must read for a n00b like me!

I’m hoping that the process of early releasing sections of the game by CR and CI are going to pay off. Getting early and constructive feed back from the fans should make design changes earlier if need be. They unfortunately also have to put up with the crap!

2 thoughts on “Arena Commander update incoming?”

  1. Just a minor correction: 6DOF is there, and your access to it is currently limited by keymappings.

    They shipped the alpha with the most basic implementation of it possible so they didn’t have to delay – which is decoupled mode – the full “strafe mode” 6DOF already exists but won’t be available to us for a while.

    It is in AC, its just that the only way we see it right now is with decoupled mode.

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