ED: Getting some time in before PB2

Premium Beta 1 is coming to an end, tomorrow! As part of Premium beta 2 a wipe is required however current CMDRs will be given credits to the value of their current loadout and credit balance. Not sure what they’ll do with the CMDRs that used the client hack to get large amounts of credits?

Even though I’ve not been able to play a lot I’ve been trying to get my credit balance up for the wipe, that beam laser bug has cost me! šŸ™‚ No real bother as it is the beta stage, I’m sure they’ve got at least one more wipe to go, just before gamma I think.

A couple of CMDRs were kindly dropping gold again last night, despite me being on the correct server (or so I thought) I couldn’t see Ā them so I went back to the Anarchy system to ‘grind’. I say grind, it isn’t really as it’s quite fun.

The technique to quickly get money with the starter ship or EagleĀ I read about was to go to the unidentified POI near Freeport, only 20,000km away. When you arrive and fall out of SC you’ll be given one of the predefined scenarios. One of these scenarios is a number of gold canisters just floating around, each are worth about 8k on the black market (they’ll be marked as stolen). Scoop up and enjoy! If it was any other scenario just engage SC and drop out as quickly as possible which would then generate a new scenario. Rinse and repeat until you get the scenario of your liking. Fill up with gold and jump back to Freeport for the black market and then back again.

I found out about thisĀ far far too late as I read that some CMDRs were waiting in decked out Cobras ready to pounce on Sidewinder and Eagle pilots. Also if there is another player CMDR at the POI when you arrive you’ll be placed in their instance and scenario, so if you SC in and out again whilst the player is still there the instance and therefore the scenario won’t change.

The more wide spread and popular this technique became the less the technique worked. I tried it a couple of times over the w/e and all I got was a single haul of explosives, about 500cr, and half my hull damaged! At one point there were three CMDRs waiting in Cobras at one of the more far flung POIs! I just turned tail and ran as fast as the ship would go.

Instead I have been going to the Extraction site POI near Freeport and grabbing some bounties and mineral cannisters that have been dropped. Lots of CMDRs there but they all seem reasonable people and just going for wanted NPCs. In the Anarchy system there are no negative repercussions for unsolicited PK’ing. Null Sec space if you will.

Here’s to PB2 tomorrow!

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