Premium Beta 2 is out

It’s out! Full list of what the changes are can be read here and here, WOW loads of fixes 🙂


Excellent, there’s a fix for something I raised a ticket for. FA on/off in SC wouldn’t work on my Joystick’s key mapping but would via the HUD’s control panel. Well now…..

– Functions panel now indicates that flight assist is in cruise mode and cannot be changed

So the bug I found was that I shouldn’t have been able to turn it on at all in SC.

The major conversations regarding PB2 is the nerfing of gimbles. They’re now so bad that I’ve switch to fixed which hopefully will make me a better aim.

They’re so bad they don’t seem to be able to keep a fix and are really slow to re-acquire. The NPCs seem to have been beefed up so I’ve (ashamedly) had to use the kill process technique to avoid loosing everything as I didn’t have enough money for insurance after getting the gimbled weapon.

Fronter have said they’ve intentionally nerfed them too much as part of the balancing process. They were a bit “win” in PB1.


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