Premium Beta 2 – what’s new?

What do we get that’s new in PB2?????

According to Newsletter 28

  • Three new star systems¬† Aulin, LHS 3006 and Styx. Aulin is going to be interesting for the new space station and Styx as it has no registered population so no star port.
  • New small cargo ship. Now this will be a good halfway point between the 4t cargo space of the Sidewinder and Eagle and the 32t of the Cobra. You’ll have to be careful in it as it only has one hard point!
  • Unexplained ‘significant changes’ ¬†that require a wipe and reimbursement of credits to the value of ship, load out and credit balance (in game txt chat would be very welcome).
  • High res (4k) screen captures.
  • German localisation.

So will there be mysterious and valuable discoveries to be made in Styx?!?!? Even though it has no population I will hazard a guess it’ll be busy with CMDRs exploring the system. It will be very tense meeting my first CMDR in that system working out if they’re hostile or not, great!

(must remember to have enough credits for insurance!)


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