Elite Dangerous Beta 2 date

The latest ED newsletter was sent out today, two main things, big things!

  • Beta 2
    • release date 30/09/14
    • Elite rankings – RIGHT ON COMMANDER
    • Reputations
    • 500 star systems!!!!!!
    • Asp explorer (I think that’ll be popular)
    • More Ship mods (cargo hatch disrupter sounds good)
    • Outposts
    • New station design
    • SLI/Crossfire support (might swap my 760 for a couple of my crypto mining cards)
    • 4k support
    • Supercruise additions, including a mod to trace a supercruising ship
    • Station live feeds
    • Changed single player scenarios to be more training scenarios
    • Graphical improvements
    • Music
    • Backer Names as NPCs (will I find mine?)
  • Elite 30 years Anniversary
    • 10 day celebration
    • In game events! (I’m off to Eranin tonight)
    • Tee shirt (got it)
    • Wireframe paint job for the Cobra (got it too)
    • Free Original Elite copy with Emulator via their store

This is all shaping up nicely!


Forgot mention last update, free mercenary pack for all current backers and most importantly support for multi ship ownership! Yey!


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