Elite Dangerous – Suprise #1

So as part of the #Elite30years celebrations there are meant to be surprises within the game of Elite Dangerous for the next 10 days until Beta 2, 30th September.

Not sure if there are meant to be one per day, if so I’ve missed the first one or two!

Certainly the first one I’m aware of is a Cobra MkIII sale and amazing trade in offer!

Well I blew all my money on a 500k set of armour for my Viper. Waste of money tbh as I was rammed by those annoying little Fed fighters and blew up. I’ve rapidly gone from 850k to about 90k in short order so this maybe a good offer for me.

On the other hand the Viper is a fantastic fighting ship (seriously crappy jump distance once fully loaded with kit) which is useful for these turbulent times. Also I think there’s another wipe before Beta 2.

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