Hopefully back

So last couple of months have been manic, we’ve pretty much finished our data centre migrations, I went to the Elite Dangerous Premier event with my son and we’ve had an ill family!

Though I don’t directly manage Isilons at work I thought I’d show below a picture of one of our systems after it finished it’s move.  5 and a bit racks with lovely management of the Infiniband cables; thing of beauty IMO:


My son and I were interviewed at the ED event by Philippa Warr from RockPaperShotgun which was cool and we appear in her audio report!

So gamma has started and I’m slowly getting time to start my career in full with the complete(?) reputation system. I’ve already restarted twice, once cause I boosted into the inside of a station and had nothing but a C1800 loan to show for it.

The Kickstarter special starting points are cool, I’ve always started with the KS Cobra Explorer as it has the intermediate scanner worth C500k and an uprated drive.

Yes I could not leave without comment on their dropping of offline mode, well to be blunt never affected me but I can sympathise with the idea of wanting to play ED after Frontier shutdown their servers. These things happen lets move on now!

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