Elite Dangerous’ “Loot cave”!


So yesterday at around 14:00 all seeking luxuries in the Tenche system have gone. Frontier have swung the nerf stick! Back to the grind stone for proper this time. Even though I hardly grinded it as I was busy I managed to get from just a Cobra and a couple of hundred thousand credits to adding a Type 6 and 4 million cash. Not bad!

Loot cave in spaaaaaaace!

I’d taken a break from ED due to the loss I’d occurred earlier so I could be a bit more refreshed before trying the grind again. I’ve been playing some games on the PS4 and trying my luck at decryption for The Order: 1886 teaser site, which I realise now I do not have enough free time for!

My plan for ED was to grind to a Type 7, get some credits to trick out another ship, say an Asp to then try some other parts of the game, like missions. Massive set back.

I still wasn’t fully ready to return however a colleague at work told me about a new trade grind that was super quick. You have to find a high population High Tech system.

Then there needs to be a Seeking Luxuries point of interest near to a station. You then load up on Performance Enhancers in the station and then “sell” them by flying past one of the ships.

I’ve found one via a Reddit post mentioning the Tenche system as the latest one. Load up in the Lunney Station and only 10 to 11ls away is a point of interest; a turn around of just under 5 mins for about 1200Cr/t profit.

For my Type 6 with 104t cargo hold that’s nearly 1.5 million Cr/hr profit per hour!

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