Elite Dangerous Horizons – Let’s Explore

Wow, just wow! Only played a little bit on the beta, enough to land on my first planet. OMG it’s going to be huge! So much so I’m off again, into the black.

This time I’ve got an ASP Explorer with the Planetary Approach Suite and a Planetary Vehicle Hangar.

I think my route will be:

  1. Cat Paw Nebular
  2. The Great Annihilator
  3. Sag A*
  4. Neutron star field at PHROI PRA YK-X E1-1405?

Going to be good. Again I’ll fly in solo to get those high res screen caps!

CMDRs, Merry……….


The Journey

I think I’ll edit this post as I travel, seems easier. So far I’m being a lot more picky on my scans as I plan to travel so much further. Firstly I’m travelling the fastest route, I’ve got a large fuel scoop so filling up at every possible star is quick. I’m only scanning the primary star every time, and only occasionally am I  scanning other bodies, especially if their not first discovery. So far I’ve not seen a single body that hasn’t been discovered yet and I’m 1200ly away from my home system!

My starting stats:


My current route has now changed to:

  1. Maia
  2. Running man/Orion nebula (KP Orionis), which I’m now flying around a bit
  3. ETA Carina Nebula
  4. Thailiae ZP-P E5-1 (That region has lots of neutron)
  5. Cat Paw Nebular
  6. The Great Annihilator
  7. Sag A*
  8. Neutron star field at PHROI PRA YK-X E1-1405?

Stumbled upon a black hole which was nice, not a first discovery, but I suspected as much so close to the bubble. Can’t even remember where!


The amount of bodies I can land on is amazing! So many I’m not bothering really! Again I’ve not really RTFM’d Horizons and not equipped myself with the right module for converting any materials collected into anything useful! So my SRV is going to run out of fuel.

I’ve tried to get a good picture:

horizons_on_planettrapezium sector cb-w c2-3_messier 78

The Messier 78 Nebular looks great!


Now I wanted to go directly down a few hundred light years and to the ETA Carina Nebula, I’ve chosen at random the ETA Carina sector KC-V C2-11 system. However I hadn’t realised I’d gone further away from the core and along the galactic spiral so when I then tried to go towards the core I’d hit a dead end.

I’ve since done a couple of hundred light years u-turn, but hey, I did find one undiscovered system, not very exciting though.

Some good news, it seems I’ve not forgotten to equip any required module to work on any materials I pick up. I finally watched some of Frontier’s Horizons Youtube videos which showed me how materials and synthesis add depth to exploration and give you a reason to land!

I also like the salvageable wreckage POI now available, should have got more cargo space as I’m already up to 4 Small Survey Data Caches.

I bought myself a Christmas present! I’m now the proud owner of an R9 390, 8GB of GDDR5 :). The frame rate has gone up massively from my old 7950 plus I’ve seen VRAM usage of over 4GB so a good investment, especially if I finally get to upgrade my 7 year old LCD.

I’ve changed my route again! I’m going along the spiral arm towards the center before “turning right” towards the galactic core.

  1. Maia
  2. Running man/Orion nebula (KP Orionis)
  3. 2mass j05352845-0451549
  4. Col 70 sector zz-p d5-1
  5. Few hundred LY below Veil Nebular East via:
    1. Synuefai td-g c12-1
    2. Synuefai vi-v b46-0
    3. Prooe DRYE TT-J B12-0
  6. Pyralea fp-a d9 (neutron), via:
    1. Prae drye vt-y b31-0
    2. Prae drye gi-a d14-1
  7. Mycawsy AA-A HO Nebula (Mycawsy me-d c1-0, might not be possible)
  8. Screakai ti-s d4-1919 (Neutron)
  9. Great Annihilator
  10. Sag A*
  11. ETA Carina Nebula (ETA Carina sector KC-V C2-11) – DROPPED
  12. Thailiae ZP-P E5-1 (That region has lots of neutron) – DROPPED
  13. TRA X-1 black hole – POSSIBLY

For quite a while now now I’ve been in undiscovered systems, though only seen one water world and no earth likes; funnily enough I just spotted another as I’m writing this update. I do like those belt shots people do, I guess it’s almost the ED selfie equivalent.


I’ve managed to discover more elements, 4 rare ones just last night!  Another bonus is the latest driver update from AMD has fixed the lack of darkness on planets so I descended into a very large asteroid crater:

updated_driver_dark_now_dark01 updated_driver_dark_now_dark02


update 22/09/16

It’s been 8 months since the last update. I’ve been away busy with work etc and played The Division on the PC for quite a few months. I’ve only been playing again for the last month or so since getting back from holiday.

So with various updates since my last time in I now have bookmarks to plan out my trip rather than have a list like above.

I’m managed to get to Jaques station in the EOL PROU RS-T D394 system which is great to give me a breather. I have to say I’m very impressed with people’s stamina getting to Sag A* in one hit, let alone a speed run.

I can now show my original path to Sag A*:


Then once Jaques was discovered made a little adjustment, I’m at the dog leg and I’ve removed most of the bookmarks once I’ve gone past them:


then another more direct route as I was getting desperate to dock somewhere:


So now I’m at Jaques my new explorer stats are:


So I guess 60 million credits will get me to Pioneer. So I’m about 1/3 of the way to Elite, I’m really going to get the space crazies!

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