Fashionably late, really late – Make money slow

As I don’t follow the Elite dangerous forums or Reddit often enough I usually find out about the interesting make money quick tricks people discover either just at the end or when they’ve finished.

After finishing my first great expedition, which didn’t go far as I was jumping economically, I wanted to rank up in the empire to earn a Clipper. Thankfully I was able to get one with out the Baron rank due to a community goal I didn’t know about.

Now that was complete I wanted to start trading or something, grind some money for the new ships in 1.5 and Horizons. I’d heard of rare trading ages ago and never did that before the nerf/fix. I also heard about the Sothis missions with people earning crazy money so I decided to go for that not know if that had been nerfed.

When I go there it had, by a few weeks! No bother it seemed that some of the 1million plus missions were there just that you couldn’t stack up on them, plus my trade rank was only very high Merchant so some were still out of reach.

OK so I am now merging rare trading and the Sothis missions. This is not a fast way of making money, especially as I don’t spend hours playing (logged in yes, but not always actively playing), but it does make money. As the profit margins are very high, both the rare goods and the missions (which count towards your trading rank), you can rank up pretty fast. I’ve only completed my second loop and I’m at 18% Broker.

I got a list of rare goods from here and created a trade loop shown below.  In an attempt to speed it up, as I have to wait around 15 mins at each station to get the full rare goods allocation I use the relogging system between open and solo.

When I get some good missions (last time in Sothis I didn’t get any 1 million plus) I can make over 2 million. With around 1.5 million for the rare goods with an 80t cargo hold ASP that’s not too bad. It just takes AGES!

* Illegal in most locations

Route is:

Jump number System Station Buy Commodity Max Amount (t) Sell Commodity / Jump #
1 Shinrarta Dez Jameson Memorial Waters of Shinrarta 6 Sothis Crystalline Gold
2 Zeessze Nicollier Hanger Zeessze Ant Grub Glue 18  
3 Tiolce Gordon Terminal Waste-2-Paste 13  
4 Tanmark Cassie-L-Peia Onion Head* 8  
    Cassie-L-Peia Tranquil Tea 9  
5 Kamorin Godwin Historic weapons* 10  
6 Nguna Biggle Hub Nguna Modern Antiques 18  
7 Wulpa Williams Gateway Wulpa Hyperbore Systems 10 Onion Head / Historic weapons (not illegal)
8 Sothis Newholm Station Sothis Crystalline Gold 20 Everything else

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