Back from holidays

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So had a relaxing(ish) holiday with the family, I’ve not caught up fully but was welcomed back with the news that Elite Dangerous’ Premium Beta has started! Hopefully be able to have a go... Read More


So on Sunday night an event occurred in the Alpha: Cargogeddon!!! What started off as a philanthropic endeavour by one CMDR in helping their fellow pilots get on in the world seemed to get turned into... Read More

Bash and mutt

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So trying to write a bash script that uses mutt to send various emails. So the following works with no attachment: cat $email_body | /usr/bin/mutt -s "$msg_subject" $rcpt However when I try to attach ... Read More

Alpha 4 is go!

Elite Dangerous Alpha 4 was released around 20:30 last night, UK time. After my resuscitation course I had time to download and play. I didn’t get too much time one it, I think the load on the s... Read More