Blog is back!

I’ve retired my Digital Ocean VM and moved to a hosted solution. It was an interesting technical exercise running my own web server however I just don’t have the time to maintain it, secure it etc etc.

The blog was down for so long because I didn’t have much time to troubleshoot after I’d migrated over the database and file but in the end the outage was caused by an out of date wp-config.php file. Oncve I’d corrected the database, username and password entries away I went.

This didn’t fix it as I’d not done my DNS zone correctly for the hosting company so I migrated the nameservers over to them, not before updating their entry for my mail server.

This went over fine, the blog worked but my mail server went away as their DNS servers were still incorrect despite the config being correct.

To be fair they fixed it in good time, especially as I’m on their cheapest service, I just have to wait for the DNS to propergate aroudn the globe. At this time I still cant send email from work.

Hopefully I’ll be posting a little more this year as I had a very busy 2017.



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