Elite Dangerous Beta 1 trade route

I made my first million recently in ED. I’ve not been playing much so I think I did pretty well finding a profitable, but probably more important, quiet trade route.

From the small amount I read on the forums most people seem to hang around the core systems still even though there’s 55 to choose from so it might still be quiet there:

LHS 2887 > BLOG
super conductors

mineral extractors
domestic appliances

ROSS > LHS 2887

Doing this trade loop gives you the following approximate profit per run per ship once you can fill up the hull using the top commodity per system:

Sidewinder = 6116
Hauler = 24464
Cobra = 55044
Type 6 = 152900

I started in a sidewinder upgraded to a hauler and then to a type six. I didn’t bother going to Cobra as there aren’t any for sale in these systems. The only ships for sale are the Sidewinder, Hauler, Type 6 and I think Type 9.

One thing I did notice is the parts are expensive in this area of space, especially the armour which seem horrifically over priced; 2 million for type 6 armour!

This isn’t a massive issue though as I hardly saw any other CMDRs and any interdictions I just ran away from so you don’t have to tool up to survive (atm) despite one or more being an Anarchy system.

So I don’t get burnt out on the trading grind, I’m not there any more. I’ve been flying the Viper and Cobra to get my fighting skillz up to scratch. However if you read this and give this trade loop a go and profit then it’s all good!

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