Arena Commander 0.9 is go!

So a big release has been pushed out! The two things I’m most interested in that might make me play again are:

  • Key bindings – Being a lefty the FPS was painful to say the least and the mappings for my x52 were not great
  • 6DOF – Yes it should be here properly without having to decouple and use keyboard as well as my jostick

Those two points were the reasons why I’ve hardly played any Star Citizen. Maybe I was spoilt by Elite Dangerous’ fully fledged key bindings, HOTAS support and 6DOF?

Now let’s see if I’ve got the time and energy I have a go! 🙂


Had a quick go last night, finally got to see the ‘pirate’ hangar which was really good. I haven’t had a go at changing my hangar to the other styles yet via the website. It defaults to very high graphic settings which looks gorgeous however with my 760 GTX I’m getting any where from 5-25fps, very guddery! I went to dial it down and that brings me on to the down points:

  • I couldn’t change the setting down, seems my mouse isn’t working correctly in the settings. All I could do it change the resolution down to 800×600. Also the graphics settings have been consolefied: there are no options!
  • The ability to change key bindings is very limited to choosing a number of predefind sets. Not what I was hoping for.
  • I set the x52 (non pro) mappings and was very hopeful for true 6DOF as they’d set the strafing to be the same as Elite Dangerous. However once in free flight I just flew backwards and spun around uncontrollably.

So I guess if I really wanted to play I’d do some trouble shooting, raise a ticket and/or create my own xml mappings file in:


Or I’d trawl the forums to see if there are any fixes and mapping files…. Oh well it’s pre-Alpha so I’ll just wait some more.

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