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So much has happened in the Elite Dangerous universe since my last post. End of Beta, Gamma and release of v1.0. I also went to the premier event with my son, we got to try 4K screens and the Occulus, both are awesome, though I think I’d like my next monitor upgrade will be a 32″ 21:9 screen which seem to be getting cheaper.



It was a great night though we didn’t stay to the end.

There was the offline bombshell, thankfully I always planned to play online so I wasn’t upset.

Now we’re in version 1.0 with most of the main mechanics in place stable (there’s been 5 minor stability patches) it was recently announced how Frontier are going forward with their continued development and patching of Elite Dangerous. All good stuff. Though I’m still mainly a lone wolf the Wing mechanic for March is going to have a great impact on the game, not least the great player videos that get released.

The overarching story line of the Empire’s power struggle has begun and some other side stories that players can interact with. Some players have started meta gaming with there own blockages of star ports, protecting valuable trade runs that can disappear once all other players start using it.

This is game is shaping up nicely.

Myself? I’ve been grinding a quite and slow trade run to work up from a Cobra; I started with a backer’s perk explorer decked one; to a Type 6. I recently realised my trade grind was only netting me a max 600k cr/h which is why it seemed so painfully slow! So used a trade route tool to find one that swapped a 9000 ls & jump round trip for a 35 ls one.

I then got enough to get a Type 7, kitted it up a bit which was around 17,000,000Cr worth. I flew back to my route and loaded up on cargo which left me with a 2000 cr buffer……. (yes I know!) just as the docking computer got me into the station entrance, (I guess) a player in a Type 9 within the station popped up into view and just flew straight through me: BOOM!

Back in a free sidewinder with 2000cr <sigh> It seems who dares doesn’t always win. One small ray of light is I do still have my reasonably tricked out Cobra and “Freegle”.

I then ended up in the Founder’s World with a free Sidewinder. As standard it couldn’t reach my Cobra so I had to sell my Freegle, upgrade my FSD drive and now I’m back in my Cobra. I’m going to work on my Combat rating and reputations now, take a break from the trade grind!

Moral of the story: NEVER fly what you can’t afford to loose.

Fly safe commanders!

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