FreeNAS and Crashplan

Lots of instructions out there but this is what I needed to do to get it working with FreeNAS 9.3 and Crashplan 3.6.3_1

  • add tunable:
    • variable = linux_load
    • value = YES
    • type = loader
  • reboot
  • install crashplan plugin
  • Accept EULA for java
  • Jails > configuration
    • turn off IPv4 DHCP
  • Jails > Click on Crashplan jail > edit jail
    • update IP address spare static
    • make sure NAT disabled
  • enable service via plugin GUI
  • edit file via SSH “<path to jail>/usr/pbi/crashplan-amd64/share/crashplan/conf/my.service.xml”
    • e.g. /mnt/storage01/jail/crashplan_1/
    • set service host
  • restart crashplan via jail GUI shell “service crashplan stop && service crashplan start”
  • check plugin is listening via NAS CLI: “jexec <jail_name> sockstat -4”
  • check jail has IP address via “jls” if not:
    • Jails > click on Jail > Edit Jail > Advanced mode > untick VMIMAGE > restart jail
    • if still issues like I had (can not connect) check DNS servers:
      • jexec <jail ID> /bin/csh
      • vi /etc/resolv.conf add:
        • nameserver <IP address>
          nameserver <IP address>
      • restart jail
  • edit client crashplan config “C:\Program Files\CrashPlan\conf\”
    • set service host to Crashplan jail IP

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