Freenas – Check all drives for SMART info

I received another warning on a drive today about not being able to read the SMART info. So as I normally do I check run smartctl against it.

This turned up some reallocation entries. Hmm how do I easily check all drives at once for a specific SMART entry?

Bit of simple for and awk and I can!

for i in `camcontrol devlist | awk '{print $10}' | awk -F\, '{print $1}' |
 awk -F\( '{print $2}'`; do smartctl -a /dev/$i | grep "Reallocated"; done

That’s a keeper! 🙂

A slight change I think gives a bit more info and the device name:

for i in `camcontrol devlist | awk '{print $10}' | awk -F\, '{print $1}' |
 awk -F\( '{print $2}'`; do echo $i; smartctl -a /dev/$i | egrep "Error|Pending|Reallocated"; done


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